Our Christmas Hi-Lo Books For Adults Are Now Available

Our heartwarming hi-lo (high interest/low reading level) books can be enjoyed by anyone, but are specially crafted for individuals starting to experience cognitive impairments such as dementia.

These books feature large print, shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, and shorter chapters to encourage a pleasant reading experience. Artists have been hired to create illustrations throughout the story At the end of each chapter are general discussion questions to encourage reflection or conversation.

These books can be enjoyed alone, with a loved one or care-partner, or in a group setting.

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Hi-Lo Books For Older Adults

Our 1st Anthology—

The Winter Happiness Challenge

Finding Joy This Season With Weekly Prompts, Poetry, Short Stories, Art & Photography

The inspiration for this book came from a Facebook group by the same name. The goal of the group was to find joy in simple pleasures, nurture coziness, and find beauty through the winter season. This book contains the original weekly prompts with ideas and tips to find contentment through the cold months. The book also includes poems, short stories, art and photographs from contributors from across Canada and other countries.

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